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5 ways to persuade your way to influence

5 ways to persuade your way to influence

 “Persuasion is the art of getting someone to do something they wouldn’t ordinarily do if you didn’t ask.” – Aristotle, Greek philosopher. If people are already doing what you want there’s no need to persuade them, right?

1. The power of persuasion lies in the questions
You have to create the scope for others to be influenced. Why would someone get influenced by your persuasion? You must think what they want and how they want to be influenced for the particular situation. Questions change the patterns of thought. But before you ask the questions, try to understand what you want others to understand. The act of persuasion is an art which not only Good Salesman or Great Leaders are meant to have. It is for everyone to strengthen our path to success.

2. Get to the internal picture
If you are confident and have 100% trust and knowledge on what you are doing, tell people that. Honestly is always the best policy and will ensure a strong rapport between the persuader and those who are being pursued. You will understand the core of the need that will ensure better persuasion from your side which will finally get you to your destination.

3. Find common ground
Get into the person’s shoes (not literally). When you have clarity on understanding what the customer requires or may not require, there will evolve a natural empathy. By getting on to the same side of argument/ situation and feeling what they feel or knowing what they know, their trust on getting influenced by you will manifest.

4. Find the core motivation
Once the person’s are aware of your presence on their side, they will trust you with their fear and aspirations. Addressing it tactfully will make you learn the art of subtle persuasion. Let them know that whatever you are pursuing was made by keeping them in the picture since always. Let them know that it was intended for them and seek their reactions on how they feel knowing this fact.

5. Challenge them to a decision
You have already pursued them in believing that you are in their side and that believe & understand their situation. Now give them a challenge and ask them to take up on whatsoever you have been pursuing them to. Do not leave the people alone while they take the decision. Move a step ahead and build a sustainable relationship by providing confidence in their change of decision.




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