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AUCTUS Consulting Pty Ltd
About Auctus

About Auctus




Our Approach

At Auctus, we recognise that learning is more than just knowledge but how it applies to your work and your life. This is where we make a difference. All our interactions whether they are workshops, coaching or mentoring provide up to date insight that gets results with real situations faced at work.

We know that all learners and their experiences are different and that requires a flexible approach to their needs. You can expect high standards without compromising the outcome and your goals.




Our Services

The services we provide appeal to a wide spectrum of organisations and individuals from learners starting out their career to experienced supervisors or managers. Auctus understands the core issues people face at each level in their career progress.

Whatever the need, you will be learning skills that can be applied at work and utilised throughout your whole career and life. Our experienced people, who talk from their own experiences in a practical and confident way, is what makes Auctus the right choice for your next level of growth.



Our Vision

Empowering People and Organisations to grow to their fullest potential no matter where they have come from.

Our Mission

To be the Leading Coaching and Training organisation in Australia where people seek meaningful and flexible learning opportunities that makes a difference allowing them to grow their careers and life.




Our Values

Abundance - There is opportunity and resources for all.
Service – providing a service or product to satisfy
People Equality – all people have the opportunity to be themselves as equals
Sharing success – helping others succeed is your measure of success
Integrity – what you say is what you will do
Fairness – consideration on how all individuals can participate and succeed
Giving - The paradox is that when you give you become enriched in so many ways