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7 Tips to Stay Safe at Work

7 Tips to Stay Safe at Work

People at work make decisions that seem right at the time. Unfortunately this means that sometimes they are injured on the job. Pressures to meet deadlines, thinking there is a quicker way, wanting to have some fun at work could all be good reasons to behave in a certain way but without the right safety considerations can result in in people being injured.

You don’t need to be injured at work. You will have the most control in the workplace to ensure you stay safe at work. If you think a task isn’t safe, you have every right to say no until the task is made safe for you. Not sure what you can do? Here are 7 tips to remain safe at work and make sure your employer puts you first.

1. Ask for training on risk management and hazard identification, so you can make sure a job is safe to do

2. Ask for feedback on how you do the job to make sure you are performing it safely

3. Talk to your supervisor or employer if you worry about the unsafe situations at work involved in your job

4. Find out the emergency and accident reporting protocols just in case, and report injuries that occur

5. Follow all safety rules put in place, including the wearing of personal protective equipment provided

6. Watch your colleagues to make sure they put their own safety first, no matter how small the action may initially seem

7. Participate in how risks can be controlled While your employer has a legal duty, you also do as an employee to make sure you behave in a safe way and look out for others. If you believe a job is unsafe for you, take the steps to arrange for safety protocols to be put in place.

You can learn more about Work Health and Safety in any of our courses from Certificate III in Business to Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety. Call us today and our friendly team will help to explore your options.

Remember that safety is everyone’s responsibility.



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