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Do Supervisors Have the Skills to Mentor Staff Effectively?

Do Supervisors Have the Skills to Mentor Staff Effectively?

May 19, 2023

Some organisations have a high turnover and an unhealthy culture and often it comes down to workplace relationships and lack of respectful communication.

Not all supervisors have the skills to mentor staff effectively. It depends on a variety of factors, including the supervisor's:

  • own experience and training
  • communication skills
  • ability to establish trust and build relationships with their staff

Every supervisor or leader should lead by example and if they really want to make a difference they should genuinely care and want to build the skills of their team.

Effective leading requires a deep understanding of goals, strengths, and weaknesses of their staff as well as the ability to provide guidance and feedback in a way that is constructive and supportive. True leadership also pushes the boundaries to challenge staff to push beyond their comfort zones and strive for excellence.

Some supervisors may possess these skills naturally, while others may need to develop them through training and experience. Supervisors who are effective often have a strong commitment to developing their staff and helping them to grow both personally and professionally.

We run Supervisor Training which has been endorsed by employers to be highly effective and life changing. People that have undertaken our supervisor training are raring to get back to work to implement what they have learnt immediately.


Take a look at one student's feedback!


“This 2 day course was outstanding - in particular leading into my new role.

However, in saying that, now that I have completed this course, I believe that all office staff, no matter what their role, should also complete it so everyone working together is on the same page.

The gentleman running it was outstanding. He really has everyone participating, believing, that they can be the one to positively change a co-workers life and the way we/they can individually perform our best for the company, clients and support works. Hence, this is why it is so important that everyone is on the same page, so the positive work and vales are being delivered by everyone within every region.

This was great bonding to be able to work together as a team, even though we were all from around the state.”



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